Friday, May 20, 2011

Utah Readers: Sunday paper coupon deals!! (Logan, Brigham City Area)

Get your Sunday Papers for cheap! I found this post HERE:

Ok, so good news, we’ve got another Utah Newspaper company on-board with offering you guys awesome deals!  That way you can get the Sunday coupons to save money on your groceries each week.
I personally recommend that you get one copy of the paper per person that you have in your family.  Why you ask?  Because the point of couponing is to stock up when prices are super low or even free.  By doing this, you will NEVER have to pay full price again.  Instead of just getting one free item, you could get up to 5 if you have 5 copies of the paper!  I personally save more than the price of my monthly subscription with my first grocery purchase of the month- just by using my coupons! 
Here are the Rates for The Herald Journal in the Logan/Brigham City Area:
5 Copies of the Sunday Paper and 1 Mon-Sat Copy $18.00
4 Copies of the Sunday Paper and 1 Mon-Sat Copy $16.60
3 Copies of the Sunday Paper and 1 Mon-Sat Copy $15.15
2 Copies of the Sunday Paper and 1 Mon-Sat Copy $13.70
**This is monthly price for the paper and will be automatically deducted each month for as long as you want your subscription.
**All orders for The Herald Journal need to be placed by Friday at 10am to ensure  that your upcoming Sunday Paper arrives in time. And order placed after Friday at 10am will start a week later.
If you would like to Subscribe to any of the option listed above, please email me at with the Subject Title of Newspaper Subscriptions.  I will send you a secure and encrypted web form for you to submit your order to the Newspaper Agency.

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