Monday, March 21, 2011

Free crafting e-book: 34 Holiday Ideas for Gifts In a Jar

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The holidays are a great time to spend with friends, family and loved ones. With all the lights and decorations it makes it such a cheery time. Christmas is also a great time for gift-giving and the best gifts are the homemade ones. A popluar trend going around are gifts in a jar. These are cute little things people make and store in jars for easy access or decorations.

The team at FaveCrafts and our sister site have put together a great gifts in a jar eBook. In this 49-page eBook you can find 34 great holiday ideas for gifts in a jar. Some of which include honey bath scrub, chocolate body scrub, snowmen jars, apple pie in a jar and gingerbread recipes.


Included in this eBook:
Quilted Christmas Treat Jar- (Page 7) This is a fancy way of decorating a jar. It looks nice and of course it makes for a great gift.
Cherry Painted Glass Jar- (Page 11) The cherries painted on this glass jar are so adorable, it makes me want to eat them.
Snowman Cookie Jar- (Page 18) Snowmen scream winter and Christmas. This is a great gift or decorating idea to have up all winter long.
Chocolate Body Scrub- (Page 21) So good you can even eat it. A body scrub and a delicious treat, who wouldn't want this given to them?
Brownie Cakes in a Jar- (Page 27) Brownies are so delicious and most, these would make for a perfect hostess gift.
S'Mores in a Jar- (Page 32) There's no need for a camp fire to have these s'mores in a jar. And they taste just as great.
Spiced Pumpkin Cake- (Page 40) Pumpkin cake is great to have around the holiday. It feel warm and homey.

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